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To Conclude a Conquest


Now at this point you should be knowledgable enough to create a launcher for most applications and not just with FukenGruven's builds either. All of the code found in the builds by FukenGruven, both custom.nsh and PortableApps.comLauncher.nsi, can be used in the original builds of PAL. Like with anything else, ever, you just need to practice because practice really does make perfect; or pretty close to it anyway.

I can tell you I only got as good as I am through trial and error. That is the only way I know of on getting better at anything. You've just got to devote your time to it and the experience will undoubtably come with it.


Sometimes you'll come across software that seems unable to be made portable, or at least not with any of the methods discussed here. However, the power behind NSIS has a lot more to offer than what this documentation has set out for you. For help on something you're having trouble with just join this PAF Community. It's pretty active and is home to some of you're more experienced PAF developers. The NSIS Forum is another good place to find answers with any problems you might run into.

Don't Forget!

The help files you found here are very much susceptible to being rewritten and/or being slightly altered in some minor way. Since I've opened this documentation website to the public (early June, 2017), I've revised my custom.nsh template 8-9 times already and that's only that one webpage. I've edited and rewrote numerous pages over again as well. You can tell if content has been edited/changed by looking at the bottom of any page for a Last Modified timestamp. So return soon.. there will be new content or at least some revisions for the better. Thanks again!

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