PE Explorer Portable

PE Explorer is a multi-purpose PE (portable executable) file editor and binary header analysis tool for Windows developers. It tells you just about every little detail you could possibly want to know about a PE file (exe, dll, ActiveX, and several other executable formats). PE Explorer comes with a Visual Resource Editor, PE Header Viewer, Exported/Imported API Function Viewer, API Function Syntax Lookup, Dependency Scanner and Easy Disassembler.

Sometimes you need to look inside of a program to figure out what's going on. PE Explorer is a program for doing just such looking on Windows Portable Executable (PE) files. PE Explorer will let you open up any .exe or .dll file and plunge right into the belly of the program. Once inside, file structure can be analyzed, problems diagnosed, changes made and resources repaired. You can check out resources bitmaps, icons, strings, etc) and make modifications without needing to recompile. The product also allows you to edit the properties of controls on Delphi forms within the PE file (there's a very strong emphasis on peeking inside Delphi applications and packages).


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